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Front End Developer

Full Time
A month ago

You love creating intuitive and practical user interfaces. You find satisfaction in imagining interactions between dropdowns and diagrams, and seeing them come to life on computer screens. Your sense of design extends beyond the web browser, and into programming architecture. You care just as much about the relationships between functions and classes, as you do about buttons and forms.

If this sounds like you, this job is for you.

We are a small fintech startup with the goal of creating a software platform, through which we'll produce a diverse set of machine learning-driven investment algorithms. We've made substantial progress on the backend, and we're now looking to complement it with a user interface to A. create a SaaS product around one of our algorithms, and B. to facilitate research through data visualization. You'll also be called upon to manage our corporate website, and to work on the occasional consulting project. The bulk of your time to be spent on the following sets of tasks:
  • Designing user interfaces (emphasis placed on user experience, as opposed to aesthetics)
  • Visualizing data using graphing libraries
  • Creating interactions with backend APIs to affect changes to our configurations
  • Integrating third party libraries for user authentication, billing and other jobs related to SaaS productization
  • Organizing Angular components into a coherent architecture
  • Deploying front end code onto cloud infrastructure

Our core value is continuous learning. You'll be asked to spend 10% of your work time to learn a new material that's new and relevant to your work.

We prize passion and talent over experience, so we require just 1 year of work experience. We also don't require that you be familiar with any particular tech stack. However, we do require a link to your side project as evidence of your passion.

The interview process will consist of the following steps:
  • Numerical aptitude test (no programming): 1 hour
  • Algorithm test (any programming language): 1 hour
  • Take home project (Angular): 2-3 hours
  • Debug test (Python): 1 hour

  • You must be able to legally work in Canada.

    Everyone at our company works remotely, but we require everyone to be available via voice chat. Work hours are flexible, but we schedule meetings between 9:30am and 5:30pm Eastern Time. We provide 3 weeks of holidays each year. This is a full time position with an estimated salary of $80,000 / year. We won't offer stock options immediately, but will consider doing so as part of a future raise.

    How to Apply
    Please send your Resume and the link to your side project to
    Software and Programming